Account Registration

Step 1 - Fill Out Form

Fill out the form above to create an account with us. Please register your account with an ACTIVE email that you check regularly.

Step 2 - Send Your Documents

Once you have completed Step 1, you will receive an email from us that will have further instructions on sending in your documents to us. (If e-mail does not appear, please check SPAM/JUNK folders.

The following documents must be attached

1. State Tax Exemption License or Sales/Resale Tax Certificate, or local city or county Business License or Resale Permit.

2. Driver's License

Simply click the blue button that says "Send Your Documents" to attach and send your documents.
(Please attach actual physical copy of your document) to the email and press send.

We CANNOT accept EIN's or LLC's.

Your documents MUST be sent with the same email used to create your account


STEP 3-Wait

Please be patient as we will activate your account ASAP. We will activate your account within the next 2-4 business days.
We will email you if we have any issues with your account.


Please check your documents as we cannot accept EINs, LLCs, or Trademark registration paperwork.
Don't know if you have the right paperwork? Please check our REQUIRED PAPERWORK page here.
We DO NOT accept licenses unrelated to the business of selling clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

Step 4 - Shop!

Once we have verified your documents, you will receive an email letting you know that your account has been activated.

Happy Shopping!